The Future of Smart Homes in Nashville: What to Expect

March 7, 2024 TCSMgmt

The Future of Smart Homes in Nashville: What to Expect

Smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular, and if you have not embraced it in your own life, it’s likely only a matter of time before you do. The appliances and systems that are coming onto the market are mostly smart – meaning they have Wi-Fi integration or intuitive capabilities that will automate things like lights, temperature control, and security. 

As the rental market remains competitive and the demands of tenants shift, it’s time to begin thinking about what types of Smart Home technology you should be providing in your Nashville rental properties. 

By providing such amenities, you’ll stay competitive, and you’ll also increase your rental values. 

Tenants find technology to be an attractive feature in a rental home. If you’re thinking about installing smart home devices and similar systems in your rental property, take some advice from a local Nashville property management company

We’re talking about the future of smart homes and what you should expect as a landlord or rental property owner

Popular Types of Smart Home Technology 

It’s expensive to completely renovate your home to incorporate smart home tech and all of its variations. So, be strategic in what you do and why you do it. These are some of the most common smart home devices found in Nashville rental properties: 

  • Smart locks. Forget those old fashioned keys. Instead, you can install a smart lock, which will allow you to grant access to tenants remotely or with a code. They can download an app that lets them in the door. You can change the code between tenants or when you have a vendor showing up for work. There’s no need to worry about lost keys or rekeying the property between tenants. These also come in handy when you’re leasing your home because self-showing technology moves the leasing process along more efficiently. Tenants will appreciate the ease and convenience of a smart lock.
  • Video doorbells. Installing cameras outside of your property can feel a little creepy. Video doorbells, however, are all the rage. Tenants will be able to see who is at the door and who is approaching the property. Exterior cameras like those on a doorbell can also help keep a home secure when it’s vacant. These have been popular in single-family homes for a while, and now they’re more common in multi-family units as well. 
  • Smart lighting. This is a great way to increase energy efficiency as well as incorporate smart home tech into your property. Your tenants can set the lights in the property to timers or control them on their smartphones. Exterior lights can also be motion activated. This is good for security, and the interior lights will help tenants keep electricity costs down. It’s more intuitive and a greener way to keep the lights on in your rental home. 
  • Smart thermostats. Like lighting, the smart thermostats you install can intuitively decide when to cool or heat a room, depending on its temperature and whether anyone is home. These can be programmed for time of day as well. It’s great for keeping energy costs down and conserving electricity. Again – tenants will love the energy savings as well as the eco-friendly feature.

This is just a collection of highlights. Smart home technology also includes voice-activated assistants that can integrate with Alexa from Amazon or Siri from Apple. There are vacuums and appliances that seem to think for themselves. 

Smart Home Trends to Watch in Nashville

As we look to the future as your Nashville property management resource, we can tell you that there are several trends poised to shape the smart home landscape in rental properties. Here are the things we believe you want to be thinking about.

  • Increased Integration and Automation

As technology advances, the level of integration and automation within smart homes will deepen. We’re moving towards fully integrated systems where everything from the thermostat to the refrigerator can be controlled through a single app or voice command. This seamless experience is what modern renters are beginning to expect.

  • Focus on Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

We mentioned this while talking about smart thermostats and lights. Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important consideration for tenants and buyers. Smart homes that leverage technology to reduce energy consumption will not only appeal to the eco-conscious market but also offer long-term savings on utility costs.

  • Enhanced Security Features

In a world where safety concerns are always growing, advanced security features in smart homes are becoming a significant selling point. Innovations like facial recognition door locks, remote access control, and real-time surveillance systems are likely to become standard features in the smart homes of the future.

  • The Importance of High-Speed Internet

Tenants are looking for high-speed internet, especially as more people work remotely. The demand for properties with high-speed internet and robust digital infrastructure will grow. Smart homes require reliable connectivity to function effectively, making this a crucial factor for landlords and investors to consider. You probably leave your tenants to decide on and work with their own internet providers. This might be an amenity you decide to offer in the future. 

Navigating the Smart Home Revolution

Smart Home TechnologyFor landlords and real estate investors in Nashville, the message is clear: smart home technology is an important part of the future. To stay competitive in this rapidly evolving market, embracing smart home technology is not just advisable; it’s essential.

Investing in smart homes is about more than just keeping up with trends. It’s about anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s tenants and positioning your properties to meet those needs. By doing so, you’re not only enhancing the appeal and value of your investment but also contributing to the creation of a smarter, more connected Nashville.

Let’s talk about how to make your Nashville rental home a little smarter. Please contact us at TCS Management. 

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